Build bigger

Structure JavaScript codebases that scale from one developer to hundreds.

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Commonality helps you scale composable codebases with the tools and conventions you're already using.


Codify standards

Scale a consistently amazing developer experience with a monorepo linter that can be customized to your standards and existing tooling conventions.


Organize your graph

Maintain a dependency graph that's easy to reason about by limiting which packages can depend on each other.


Categorize packages

Group packages by their purpose, concern, or domain without a tight coupling to directory structure.


Navigate ownership

Quickly view which teams or contributors are responsible for packages in your project.

Visualize any codebase

Explore the dependency graph, categorize packages with tags, view conformance health and more with Commonality Studio.

A visualization of a dependency graph within Commonality Studio
npx commonality studio

Start Commonality Studio in any JavaScript project with a single command

Get started in seconds

Add structure to any existing JavaScript project with no lock-in.

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