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What is Total Visits?

Every visitor to your website is an opportunity, but the total number of visits will likely not accurately reflect potential future revenue growth unless you monetize through advertising. There are dozens of other factors that play into how successful a user's experience on your site will be.

Your website may have many different resources like e-books, blog posts, or resources to help you (like the example you're reading now!). The mentality of a visitor may differ based on the channel they were referred from. A user that lands on an article about website visitors may only be interested in growing their marketing strategy and only that specific task. Therefore, they may have a higher bounce rate than users that land on your main home page.

Your website visitor data may be helpful to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and channels. If you spend money on a campaign targeted at users in an industry like "marketing software," it's valuable to know how many people clicked through and visited your site and what percentage of those visitors converted into leads or sales.

Visitor volume is also important for competitive analysis – getting insights from other websites' traffic numbers can help you understand their engagement with content, identify common interests among visitors, and assess whether there are any opportunities where they could use more resources than you do (e.g., maybe they're receiving too much traffic).

You may find that your conversion rates vary significantly by channel type depending on the industry, content type, and source – that might be a good opportunity for you to explore automating more of your marketing efforts so that results can be evaluated by channel.

Why is Total Visits important?

Every website visitor is an opportunity to convert them to a lead, user, or customer.

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