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Product Qualified Leads (PQL)

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How is Product Qualified Leads (PQL) calculated?

Product Qualified Leads (PQL) formula

To track your PQLs you'll want to measure the number of users within a given period of time that performed an action that indicates interest in speaking to sales. These actions can be a click on a link that says "Talk to Sales", an in-app request for a demo, an activation event, or asking for human guidance for onboarding.

What is Product Qualified Leads (PQL)?

Product qualified leads, or PQLs, are in-app indications of a user's interest in purchasing your product or service. With freemium and trial-based software, the user's buying journey extends past your marketing website. While using your software, a user may gain a much deeper understanding of the value you're trying to deliver and be more inclined to spend money to get even more. PQLs bring product and engineering teams closer to sales and marketing teams.

Some behaviors that may signify intent to purchase are:

  • An activation event
  • A user logging in to your app more than five times a week
  • A user requesting a demo
  • A user requesting personalized onboarding or extended support
  • A user requesting to speak to a sales rep
  • A user visiting a pricing page

This lead generation channel is essential for companies that are taking a product-led growth approach.

Why is Product Qualified Leads (PQL) important?

PQLs serve as an extra lead generation channel for your sales team. Compared to other lead generation channels, PQLs have a fairly high close rate because they have already shown an interest in using your product.

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