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What is Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS)?

Employee net promoter score, or eNPS, is a way to measure the morale of your employees. It is one of the best ways to measure how well your company attracts new talent and retains current employees. It reflects their opinion on financial outlooks, diversity and inclusion policies, transparency, opportunities within your organization, and more. A low employee net promoter score is often accompanied by high employee churn and negative reviews on websites like Glassdoor. Higher ENPS scores lead to longer tenures and more candidates in your hiring pipeline.

By retaining existing employees, you're able to save money on recruitment, onboarding, and ramp-up periods. This leads to higher customer service levels by more knowledgeable staff members who know the ins and outs of your company's processes. Your eNPS score can be used as a benchmark to track progress in reducing attrition, growth opportunities for your organization, and other factors that might affect the sense of belonging with your company.

How you can increase your employee net promoter score:

  • Your employees are the best source of how to improve eNPS. Employees may feel like they're not being compensated fairly or that your organization is too political. Send out surveys along with your eNPS to gain qualitative feedback on what you can improve within your company.
  • Keep employees engaged with a clear understanding of the future and growth opportunities within your organization.
  • Create transparency by sharing company goals, progress, financial information, and diversity data in an accessible manner for all staff members. Commonality's alignment tools are great for this.
  • Foster a sense of ownership for your teams, include them in large decisions, and give them the autonomy to decide how to best create an impact on their own terms.
  • Create an inclusive environment by being aware of your language and growing diversity and inclusion initiatives within your company. Build diverse teams where individuals challenge each other's perspectives.
  • Employee recognition is a good way to keep employees feeling valued and get everyone excited about their work.
  • Employees want coworkers that respect them and help them grow in their career. Great cultural interview questions can help weed out potentially toxic new hires that would not add to your organization's culture.

Why is Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) important?

Employees are your organization's most important assets. They are the core of your brand and are responsible for delivering an incredible experience for your customers. Increasing your eNPS can lead to greater tenure among current staff and more candidates on your hiring pipeline, which means less time spent sourcing candidates from external sources.

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