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How is Bounce Rate calculated?

Bounce Rate formula

To calculate bounce rate, take the number of website visits where only one page was viewed in a given period of time and divide that by the total number of website visits in the same time period.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is defined as the rate at which a website visitor only views a single page then leaves. It's the internet equivalent of walking into a store then immediately walking out.

Your bounce rate may be influenced by the following:

  • The persona of the visitor If your product is targeted towards sales executives and you're running ads targetting entry-level marketers, then your product probably isn't going to resonate with a visitor, and they're going to leave.
  • The page the visitor landed on Visitors may be gathering information and read your blog post along with five others. If a visitor is focused on searching for a single topic, they may have a higher bounce rate. However, if a visitor is researching new software and they land on a feature page, they may continue to learn about your product by exploring more pages.
  • The positioning and design of your website If the positioning of your website and marketing efforts doesn't align with your target market, then a user may look elsewhere for a solution. Additionally, visitors may become frustrated and leave if your website's design is confusing or slow to load.
  • The channel the visitor was referred from Paid ads tend to have a higher bounce rate than organic traffic, the channel that the user came from influences how many pages they'll visit.
  • The industry of your business If you're running an e-commerce business, you may have a lower bounce rate than a business whose website serves as a gateway to its product.

Why is Bounce Rate important?

Bounce rate is indicative of your website's positioning and design, the targeting of your advertising campaigns, and the personas of your website visitors.

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