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What is Average Speed of Answer (ASA)?

How fast your team can answer customer inquiries is a critical metric in the success of your business. If you're able to respond quickly, the chances are that more customers will be satisfied with their experience and recommend your company to others. On the other hand, if a customer has an issue and doesn't receive an adequate response from you- they'll most likely leave negative feedback on social media or review sites for all other potential customers to see. Because of this, the average speed of answer KPI is directly correlated to NPS.

Your customers will feel like you care more about them if you're quick to respond to their questions. If they have an issue, responding quickly and providing a solution shows that your company cares for their time and money as much as it does its own.

Customers want answers quickly, so make sure you are always available for them by making yourself contactable at all times. Responding within 24 hours of an email or social media message is recommended. If a customer needs something outside of standard business hours, try sending a personal response thanking the person for their inquiry and letting them know what time they can expect a new response from you in the morning.

How you can decrease your response times:

  • With tools like Twilio to send SMS messages via API integration, you can automate communications workflows. This will save your customer service team tons of time while simultaneously increasing responsiveness.
  • Allow users to easily get in touch via live chat while browsing with questions about products they might want to purchase or concerns before signing up or buying.

Why is Average Speed of Answer (ASA) important?

The speed at which you respond to your customers will directly affect your NPS, which will, in turn, affect your customer churn rate. Every minute that passes before a customer gets help increases their anxiety about the issue at hand or concern they have with what you're selling. It also decreases your chances of converting them into long-term customers. No one wants to pay for a product they can't get support for.

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