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How is Active Users calculated?

Active Users formula

To calculate your active user count, you'll need to determine what qualifies the user as "active." This can be a "Logged in" event or any other session activity that qualifies them as using your product. You'll want to subtract the users that don't fit that criterion from your total active user base. You can also do the inverse and run a query for all users who qualify as "active."

You'll also want to set a limit on the date that the qualifying event was triggered. For example, a user that triggered a "Logged in" event three years ago probably shouldn't be considered an active user. This time limit can be whatever best suits your product or service, but common increments are daily, weekly, and monthly.

What is Active Users?

Active users are the total number of users that are currently using your product or service. It's a great high-level metric to ensure that your value proposition resonates with your users enough for them to keep coming back for more. A high number of active users are also a great indicator of product-market fit.

If you have a large number of total users but a low count of active users, or if you want to increase the number of active users you have, you may want to take the following actions:

  • Conduct user research to ensure that your product or service is addressing the needs of your users.
  • Try investing more into activation or retention efforts. Things like drip email campaigns or features that address a day-to-day needs of a user may help.

If you have a high number of active users, you may also want to look into the following:

  • If your product has a freemium subscription strategy and users are already finding value in your product, increase your product marketing efforts to try and convert free active users into paying customers.
  • If your product is trial-based or is completely paid, focus on making your product more sticky by building features that deliver value and simultaneously cause users to add more of their data or resources into your product.

Why is Active Users important?

A large number of active users is a good indicator that your product or service delivers enough value to keep users engaged. It's also a good indicator of whether to invest more of your resources into marketing or R&D efforts.

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