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Leverage your REST API data to power KPIs and OKRs, tell us how you want your data to change and we'll empower your teams get there.

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Democratize your REST API data and empower your teams to build their own KPIs.

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Infinite flexility, minimal effort

Our formulas make it possible to transform the response of any API into a single metric. Our query builder includes the response of your API, a data token overview, and autocomplete for all functions and data available to you.

Turn any API into a KPI

Turn any REST API API into a KPI

We make it easy to query any existing or future API your REST API may expose. Use an expressive query language and data tokens to turn data from any API into a measurable metric. You can even aggregate data across paginated queries, and we take care of all the authentication for you out of the box.

Connect to all your data

Connect to the same data that powers your business, to grow it. With a growing list of databases, warehouses, APIs, and third party integrations you'll be able to democratize your data and drive growth without the need to expensive ETL processes.

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