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Objective Scoring

What is objective scoring?

Objective scoring is the score we assign to an objective based on it's results. All objectives are assigned one of the following statuses:


This objective has been completed, try making another one or increase the target values of this objective's results and aim higher.

On track

No intervention is needed, this objective is on track to be accomplished by its assigned time period.

Off track

You may want to check in on the team that owns this objective. Adding resources or changing target values for results may help.


The team that owns this objective should pivot efforts immediately, this objective has had a negative impact on KPIs.

Not started

All results for this objective have not been assigned KPIs and therefore have no impact, you should assign KPIs to this objective's results.

How are objectives scored?

A status of an objective is calculated as the average of all its results, not including results with the "Not started" status.