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Automated KPIs

What is an automated KPI?

You can think of automated KPIs as the backbone of Commonality and your organization. Automated KPIs are directly tied to a data source, we then run a query that you define at weekly, daily, or hourly, intervals to update your KPI. This update will trigger a check-in for any dependent result and subsequently update the result's objective, and the team's status.

What happens when an automated KPI is updated?

1. Query at pre-defined interval

We will query your data source at the interval you define, this can be either weekly, daily, or hourly. Queries will differ based on the data source you are attempting to sync with. For instance, for Postgres databases, we'll connect to your database and run a SQL query.

2. Create a check-in

We will expect every query to return a single number, this number will be used to automatically create a check-in for the KPI. *If there is no result tied to the KPI nothing else occurs*

3. Re-calculate the status of dependent results

If there is a result that is tied to the KPI, we will update the progress of the result based on the new value of the KPI.

4. Re-calculate the status of dependent objectives

If there is a dependent result, we will update the status of the objective based on the new status of the result.

5. Re-calculate the status of dependent teams

If the objective has an owner, we will update the status of the team that owns the objective.