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What is Commonality?

Commonality offers KPI and OKR software that drives data-driven growth at scale.

We have four core features that empower your business:

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Data Sources

Leverage the data you already have and connect to your databases, warehouses, APIs and more.

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Track the metrics that indicate the health of your business with KPIs. Keep track of progress manually with check-ins or automate your operations work with automated check-ins against your data sources.

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Define how you want your existing metrics to change and assign ownership to the teams responsible for influencing your KPIs. We'll let you know if you're on track to reach your goals so you can focus on your work, not process.

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Get a birds-eye-view of the performance of your entire organization. Quickly identify areas of opportunity and gain transparency into how your individual efforts impact directly tie back to top-level business initiatives.

We automate a lot of the operations work needed to maintain and grow modern data-driven organizations. Commonality empowers your entire organization to focus on outcomes, not outputs.

Whether your teams are remote or in-office, Commonality allows your teams to be as close to your bottom-line as possible.