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Make data the foundation of your growth

Break down data silos and give your teams the ability to tie their efforts back to the data that impacts your bottom-line. Empower your teams to leverage existing data to drive future growth.

Securely connect

We don't store any of your data or any information about your systems. When we connect to your databases, Commonality securely proxies your requests to your data sources and the results of your KPI queries are encrypted at rest.

Get more from your existing data

We make sure that data is accessible to all your team members, not just the technical ones.

Databases and warehouses

Connect to your existing databases and warehouses and empower your teams to form KPIs around the data that you already have.

Third-party integrations
Coming soon

Connect to data that lives within the software you use, form KPIs around that data without needing a warehouse or expensive ETL processes.

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